Why You Won’t Want to Read This Book

The world around us constantly claims to offer good news that will change our lives. Telemarketers call saying that we’ve won a very special vacation offer. Internet ads on our favorite websites know what we want and tell us we can get 50% off today only. Spammers email us with get-rich schemes.

But we’re too savvy for that. We know the vacation offer comes with a catch. We know that the thing we want is always 50% off. We know the get-rich schemes in our email inbox are only going to take our money instead. We move through life getting accustomed to ignoring all the over-hyped promises that never come true in every area of life. We hear politicians promise that their election will fix what’s wrong with the world around us. We hear technology companies offering solutions to connect the world and solve the world’s problems. Maybe they do, a little. But they never deliver fully on what they promise.  

All this is why it’s hard for you to believe what I’m about to say: I believe that we long to hear truly life-changing news.

We’re waiting for something that will finally deliver on its promises. We know there’s more out there—there must be. We long for true joy and true happiness. We long for something solid and secure that can’t be taken away.

We long for better news.

I believe that this better news exists. I believe it can give hope to the hopeless and rest to the weary. I believe it can bring true joy that no darkness or cancer or accident can take away. I believe it because I’ve seen it. I believe it because it’s happened in my own life.

The problem is that it’s right in front of us.

>Read Chapter 1: RELIGION