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This free book aims to answer questions like: 

  • Why is there a deep longing in our hearts that we can't seem to satisfy? 
  • Why is the world around us so messed up? Why are we messed up along with it? 
  • Who is Jesus and why do so many people misunderstand him?

Author Ricky Alcantar shares his journey from simply going through the motions in church, to finally understanding why the gospel is such good news. 

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from Chapter 1: RELIGION 

"Part of the problem with those objections to hearing the gospel, is that many people think they already know it, or know enough. But the Bible says that not everything that calls itself “gospel” is actually gospel at all.

Maybe you saw hypocrisy from a distance or were hurt up-close and personal. Maybe you see the effects of evil things done in the name of “religion” in your life or in in the pages of history. Maybe you grew up without a scrap of religious upbringing but some of what you see in “religious people” seems mean-spirited, angry, and distasteful. For many people who have been burned by religion and want nothing to do with it, the solution is to run away from all religion and never look back.

Some religious activities look a lot like the Bible, but they’re the opposite of what the Bible is teaching. Before throwing the Bible out let’s give it the chance to explain the difference between the religion found in its pages and the religion outside it."

The Author

Ricky Alcantar grew up as a self-righteous religious jerk. Then God saved him from himself. He's a pastor at Cross of Grace Church in El Paso, TX. He and his wife Jenn have two boys and love exploring their city. He writes on The Blazing Center and spends too much time on Twitter

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